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About Us

MTU Business School aims to deliver the best educational opportunities to its students. We believe a key part of education is the confidence you gain from applying your knowledge in practical situations. This underpins our teaching approach and is at the heart of our classroom experience. However, that an education is more than just the experience you have in a classroom – it is also the experiences you have with your fellow students and the activities you undertake while attaining your degree. We do what we can to ensure that students have the most rounded experience possible so they develop both professionally and personally while at MTU Business School.


This is a flavour of the activity that supports this mission:

  • Business and Accounting Society
  • Erasmus exchanges overseas for students
  • The opportunity to study French, German or Spanish as part of your degree
  • Live cases that involve active selling, marketing and financing
  • Event management opportunities
  • Innovation week where students can develop and seek support for business ideas
  • Continued emphasis on presentation skills
  • Regular networking opportunities and events
  • International Intensive Programme facilities
  • Student leadership programmes

Back l-r: Don Crowley, Head of Department of Organisation and Professional Development
Dr Claire O’Sullivan Rochford, Head of Department of Accounting and Information Systems
Dr Pio Fenton, Head of Department of Marketing and International Business
Front l-r: Dr Breda Kenny, Head of School
Caroline O'Reilly, Head of Department of Management and Enterprise
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